Basement carpark excavations

Lomandra, Thornbury

The bored pier retaining wall has been completed and bulk excavation for the basement carpark is nearing completion.

For further information head to:

View along the entrances of Stevedore apartments

The Stevedore, Williamstown

The Stevedore is only weeks away from completion. Almost all units have settled and have begun moving in while only a small amount of landscaping remains. After almost two years the build is coming to an end following a great effort from all involved.

There are 3 bed/3 bath units available for rent, for further information email:

Worker wearing a Cubo Group branded T-shirt

Custom Work Wear

The Cubo crew have received their new custom print and embroidery work wear thanks to John Ruiz, keep an eye out for the boys representing Cubo proudly!

For any contact information on the designer or print crew, email:

Cubo Property Group
7/8 Bromham Place, Richmond VIC, Australia, 3121
PO Box 544, Richmond, 3121
T: +61 3 8199 1019